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The success of the Golden Age Club is credited to Bob and Florence Babcock. Bob and his wife Florence established
the North Bay Golden Age Club in 1961. They held their meetings at their home at 732 Algonquin Avenue with
22 members in attendance. He established the Club because he felt nothing was being done for senior citizens.
Five weeks later Mr. and Mrs. Babcock had to find a new meeting place due to the tremendous growth in membership.
Finally, a group of RCAF Vets (406Wing) gave the senior citizens the use of their club room one afternoon a week.
The prime objective of the Club was getting a centre of its own.

The senior citizens took over the old King Edward School building on McIntyre Street three years later. Membership
at that time was less than 200.

The property purchased for the new centre was sold to the Ontario Housing Corporation as the Club realized the
need for Senior Citizen Housing in the central core. The sale was made with the agreement that a housing centre
complex would be built. The plan called for a full scale centre on the main floor currently the North Bay Golden Age Club
and above the centre, 10 floors containing 106 apartments for senior citizens currently, the Golden Age Towers.
It took 13 years and a lot of hard work but the proof lies in the Club. All seniors in and around the North Bay area
can come out to enjoy the club in its current location of 135 Worthington Street West, North Bay, Ontario. We
opened our doors at the Golden Age Towers in 1974.  Memberships have multiplied since then.


North Bay Golden Age Club

135 Worthington Street West
North Bay, ON
P1B 8M6
(705) 474-6520

North Bay Golden Age Club

You Are A Stranger only Once
The North Bay Golden Age Club is located at
135 Worthington Street West
North Bay, On P1B 8M6

The Club business hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00pm

Activities are held at all hours of the day.
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